Here at White Meadows Cultivation we are passionate about producing only the best products for our consumers. Our professional and friendly staff members are glad to talk about our growing techniques and what separates us from the rest. Sadly many companies only care about volume without putting much care into the safety & quality of their product. At every step in our cultivation process, from seed to sale, we take high measures to ensure that our final product reaches our tough standards.

Our organic growing techniques are what separates us from many companies. We use a holistic approach when controlling pests and diseases. We don’t use pesticides and we use all natural products. This system uses all organic ways to solve common growing problems. We use biological controls such as utilizing natural predators and parasitoids to fight pests and diseases. While some companies spray harmful pesticides to quickly fix the problem we use safe and all organic products.

It is the time that we put into our plants that truly makes them stand apart from the rest.

Member Berry OG

Indica dominant hybrid

Queen Mother Goji

Sativa dominant hybrid

Lilac Diesel

Uplifting Sativa


Beulah, CO 81203



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